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The Ascent bivvy is made using a lightweight 10,000mm waterproof material which offers fantastic protection from the elements.

Featuring a three-rib design with a built-in peak system, the shelter can be erected and packed away quickly, making it an ideal option for any length of session, regardless of whether you are fishing an overnighter or a longer session on the Continent.

The Ascent bivvy features an oversized rear vent with Mozzi panel, allowing for maximum airflow through the bivvy in hot weather.


With an extra-large storm peak and a separated pole layout for increased internal space, the Ascent bivvy offers all the coverage you’ll need for any length of session.


The front panel can be rolled back to create an open fronted shelter, whilst the front door features dual zips for letterbox style opening and a Mozzi mesh panel behind the waterproof outer fabric.


Available in one-man and two-man versions, with overwraps sold separately, the Ascent bivvy comes supplied with clip-in groundsheet, tension bars, rod retention bars, heavy duty pegs and a clear window, the Ascent bivvy will keep you on comfortable on the bank all year round.


One Man- H 150, W 270, L 230, Bivvy only (5kg), Combined weight (10kg)

Two Man- H 160, W 300, L 300, Bivvy only (7kg), Combined weight (14kg)


A0530007 Ascent Bivvy - One Man 5055977481821 H 250mm / W 1000mm / D 250mm £259.99
A0530008 Ascent Bivvy Overwrap - One Man 5055977481838 H 150mm / W 700mm / D 150mm £119.99
A0530009 Ascent Bivvy - Two Man 5055977481845 H 300mm / W 1100mm / D 300mm £329.99
A0530010 Ascent Bivvy Overwrap - Two Man 5055977481852 H 150mm / W 700mm / D 150mm £129.99


A0530007 A8000125 Ascent Bivvy- 1Man 1st Rib (front) 5055977499963 N/A £24.99
A0530007 A8000126 Ascent Bivvy- 1Man 2nd Rib (middle) 5055977499970 N/A £24.99
A0530007 A8000127 Ascent Bivvy- 1Man 3rd Rib (rear) 5055977499987 N/A £24.99
A0530007 A8000128 Ascent Bivvy- 1 Man Rod Retention Bar Set (x2) 5055977499994 N/A £34.99
A0530007 A8000129 Ascent Bivvy- 1 Man Frame Support Bar Set (x5 bars) 5055977454566 N/A £34.99
A0530007 A8000130 Ascent Bivvy- 1 Man Peak Support Bar (x1) 5055977454573 N/A £9.99
A0530007 A8000131 Ascent Bivvy- 1 Man Groundsheet 5056317700008 N/A £39.99
A0530009 A8000132 Ascent Bivvy- 2 Man 1st Rib (front) 5056317700015 N/A £29.99
A0530009 A8000133 Ascent Bivvy- 2 Man 2nd Rib (middle) 5056317700022 N/A £29.99
A0530009 A8000134 Ascent Bivvy- 2 Man 3rd Rib (rear) 5056317700039 N/A £29.99
A0530009 A8000135 Ascent Bivvy- 2 Man Rod Retention Bar Set Bar (x2) 5056317700046 N/A £34.99
A0530009 A8000136 Ascent Bivvy- 2 Man Frame Support Bar Set (x5 bars) 5056317700053 N/A £34.99
A0530009 A8000137 Ascent Bivvy- 2 Man Peak Support Bar (x1) 5056317700060 N/A £9.99
A0530009 A8000138 Ascent Bivvy- 2 Man Groundsheet 5056317700077 N/A £54.99