Benchmark X Memory Foam Bed
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Benchmark X Memory Foam Bed
|  A0440007  |

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The Benchmark range of Beds from Avid Carp are widely regarded as the most comfortable on the market.

In the 8 years since Avid Carp introduced Memory Foam in to the fishing market, our beds have evolved in to what we believe are the best quality and most comfortable available today.

The popularity of the original Benchmark beds lead us to further develop a number of key features and extend the range with the introduction of the Benchmark Memory Foam Systems.

Both the beds & Systems feature a full Lumbar region support system which provides a sturdy sleeping platform for your whole back, helping to relieve pressure from the spine and abdominal areas.

For those who suffer with back problems, the Benchmark range of beds provide the best night’s sleep possible thanks to the Memory Foam mattress.

Memory Foam helps to distribute weight and pressure evenly by moulding to the contours of your body.

Our memory foam has been specially developed to handle the stresses and strains of outdoor use and has a minimal reaction to temperature changes.

These latest models also feature extra-long reinforced steel throw hinges to accommodate even the biggest of sleeping bags, eliminating the need to remove anything when packing away.

Improved Rock-Steady legs with folding mud feet help to increase stability and reduces the chance of slippage, even when fully extended.


Removable one-piece Memory Foam mattress

Lightweight aluminium frame

Lateral Sleep System design

Unique leg adjusting mechanism

Extra-large mud feet


Open: H 45-55 W 100 L 210cm

Closed: H 100 W 95 L 30cm

Weight: 15.3kg

Fabric: 100% Polyester


A0440007 Benchmark X Memory Foam Bed 5055977465937 H 375mm / W 985mm / D 870mm £299.99


A0440007 A8000104 Benchmark X Mid Section Side Bars 5055977491394 N/A £16.00
A0440007 A8000106 Benchmark X D Frame (head End) 5055977491417 N/A £20.80
A0440007 A8000107 Benchmark Throw Hinge 5055977491424 N/A £8.00
A0440007 A8000108 Benchmark Bolt Set 5055977491431 N/A £9.60
A0440007 A8000110 Benchmark X Middle Leg Frame 5055977491455 N/A £27.20
A0440007 A8000114 Benchmark X Bed Mattress 5055977491493 N/A £160.00
A0440007 A8000123 Benchmark X Bed/system Round Rock-steady Leg Assembly 5055977492582 N/A £14.99