Blizzard Ripstop Jacket
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Blizzard Ripstop Jacket
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The Blizzard Rip Stop Jacket from Avid Carp is the ultimate lightweight all season waterproof layer.

Made using our unique 10,000mm waterproof Dura-Stop fabric, the Blizzard Rip Stop Jacket won’t let you down, even in the harshest of conditions.

Equip with lightweight soft touch lining, the Blizzard Rip Stop Jacket is easy to put on & take off, even when wearing a fleece top.

The adjustable waist and cuffs mean that you can tailor the jacket to fit your shape perfectly with ease.

The Jacket also features an extra tall collar and roll away peaked hood, so staying well protected from the elements is no problem.

A0620001 Blizzard Ripstop Jacket - Medium 5055977457253 N/A £79.99
A0620002 Blizzard Ripstop Jacket - Large 5055977457260 N/A £79.99
A0620003 Blizzard Ripstop Jacket - X Large 5055977457277 N/A £79.99
A0620004 Blizzard Ripstop Jacket - Xx Large 5055977457284 N/A £79.99