Screen House 4D
|  A0530012  |

Screen House 4D
|  A0530012  |

The next generation in Screen Houses is here. Increased stability, versatility and coverage like never before.

Improved frame support and specially constructed anti twist corner blocks help to stiffen the structure making it able to withstand the harshest of conditions, as is often the case with large storms found on the continent.

A new porch design creates increased coverage, better stability & superb rain run-off, making for the perfect place to sit and relax, a place to store tables, luggage and other large tackle items that you don’t to store in your Bivvy, particularly on longer stays.

Numerous door configurations make this the most versatile shelter of its kind, no matter the conditions you needn’t worry as the Screen House 4D has you covered. Half door options on the side panels allow for increased shade and airflow thanks to side & center zips. Alternatively, the doors can be completely rolled up or down, the configurations are endless. With the Screen House 4D, you now have the option of fitting a Bivvy to each side, creating a central living area within the Screen House.   

Avid camo print is featured on the 4 panels to compliment the high quality 10000mm hydrostatic material used throughout the shelter, making this the Rolls Royce of session and social angling in the UK and on the Continent. Featuring high quality camo mesh that provides protection from bugs and critters as well as vital sun protection when needed.

  • 10000mm hydrostatic material
  • 4-way support poles for added strength and security in big winds and storms
  • Unique anti twist corner blocks for increased strength & stability  
  • Avid Camo mesh used throughout
  • New porch system featuring tensioning bar for strength and support
  • Half door options for increased air flow & weather protection
  • Option of fitting a Bivvy to each side
  • Small pack down size
  • Quick and easy construction
  • Compatible with 4D Peaked Skull Cap
A0530012 Screen House 4D 5056317700466 N/A £299.99


A0530012 A8000145 Screen House 4D Corner Block 5056317700756 N/A £12.99
A0530012 A8000146 Screen House 4D Ground Sheet 5056317700763 N/A £29.99
A0530012 A8000147 Screen House 4D Pole Set x 4 (Ground to corner block) 5056317700770 N/A £34.99
A0530012 A8000148 Screen House 4D Pole Set x 4 (Corner block to corner block) 5056317700787 N/A £44.99
A0530012 A8000149 Screen House 4D Peak Frame 5056317700794 N/A £29.99
A0530012 A8000150 Screen House 4D Under Peak Tension Bar 5056317700800 N/A £14.99
A0530012 A8000151 Screen House 4D Fibreglass Ribs For Roof x 2 5056317700817 N/A £19.99
A0530012 A8000152 Screen House 4D Carry bag 5056317700824 N/A £14.99
A0530012 A8000154 Screen House 3D Ground Sheet 5056317700848 N/A £29.99
A0530012 A8000155 Screen House 3D Pole Set x 4 5056317700855 N/A £34.99
A0530012 A8000156 Screen House 3D Fiberglass Ribs For Roof 5056317700862 N/A £19.99