SeeThru TSW Polarised Sunglasses
|  A0620077  |

SeeThru TSW Polarised Sunglasses
|  A0620077  |

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The SeeThru TSW Polarised Sunglasses feature a wrap-around frame design, minimizing unwanted light from hitting your eye.

Finished with a stylish tortoiseshell frame and over-molded arms and nose piece, the TSW Sunglasses can be comfortably worn for long periods.

One common issue with wrap-around frames is lens fogging during humid or damp conditions.

The TSW Sunglasses feature a series of vents in the frame to reduce the risk of fogging.

The new SeeThru lens technology allows for higher levels of penetration through the water, even in low light conditions and significantly reduces surface glare over a standard polarised lens.

The Amber lens is the best all-round lens colour for low light conditions and cutting through the surface glare. 

  • Wrap around frame design
  • Tortoiseshell frame
  • Over-molded arms and nose piece
  • Frame vents for reduced lens fogging
  • SeeThru lens technology
  • Amber lens


A0620077 Seethru Tsw Polarised Sunglasses 5055977493558 H 100mm / W 160mm / D 80mm £24.99