Stormshield Bivvy Mat
|  A0430018  |

Stormshield Bivvy Mat
|  A0430018  |

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The Stormshield Bivvy Mat can be used as a floor mat in the bivvy or brolly when not using a groundsheet, or under the rods which helps to reduce splash back from mud and grit.

Finished in our unique Stormshield fabric with a neoprene centre, the Stormshield Bivvy & Rod Mat can be secured to ground if necessary, thanks to the reinforced pegging points in each corner.

The neoprene centre is great for stepping on to when getting out of your sleeping bag with bare feet and acts as a thermal layer which stops the cold coming through from the ground. It also absorbs water when raining which helps to stop dirt and grit hitting your rods and reels, helping to keep your kit in top condition.



W 60, L 90cm

Weight: 600g 

A0430018 Stormshield Bivvy Mat 5055977471273 H 480mm / W 630mm / D 390mm £20.99