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Avid Carp Fishing TV! | #AskCrowy | Q&A | Why Do High Profile Anglers Change Company?

#AvidCarp #LetsAvid #CarpFishing In the third installment of Carp fishing Q&As with Simon Crow, we cover all things from the reasons as to why high profile anglers often change tackle and bait companies to Crowy's experience of running a french Carp fishery all from the comfort of Simon's garden during the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK! We also give away another prize in the form of a Lok Down bankware bundle for this month’s best question! The includes; 2x 9inch Lok Down Banksticks 2x Lok Down 3 Rod Buzz Bars 2 x Lok Down Stabilisers 2x Lok Down Stage Stands 3x White Lok Down Bobbin's 3x Lok Down Snag Ears Make sure to leave your comment below ready for next month’s episode!

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