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Avid Carp Fishing TV! | Crowy's Vlog! | 016 | Lake Chira!

#AvidCarp #LetsAvid #CarpFishing If you're looking for somewhere to go on holiday and want to combine a bit of fishing with the usual tourist stuff, then check out this months Crowy's Vlog! In early February Simon spent a week on the wonderful island of Gran Canaria courtesy of Dave & Alison Beecham of Carp Gran Canaria. He was accompanied by Jim Lightfoot. Together they caught tons of amazing scaly carp in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Chira. Simon runs hrough what's available on the trip, taking a look at the whole set up and accommodation. He also talks tactics and shows you a few of the gorgeous carp the lake is famous for, topped by a lovely ending on the final morning.

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