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Avid Carp Fishing TV! | Outline Camo Reel Line | Product Focus

#AvidCarp #LetsAvid #CarpFishing Outline Camo Reel Line truly is the pinnacle of line technology, not only for it's unrivaled concealment properties, but also for extreme distance casting & superb abrasion resistance. The line itself is finished in a low visibility green with micro flecks that provide the ultimate camouflage when underwater. When used in conjunction with the Outline End Tackle range, every part of your underwater setup will be perfectly concealed, no matter the conditions or situation. The ultra-smooth surface finish makes Outline Camo Reel Line a great choice for extreme distance casting, especially in the lower diameters. Abrasion resistance is also unrivaled, even in the most brutal conditions. During our development & testing period, Outline Camo Reel Line performed better than other lines in snaggy situations. Outline Camo Reel Line is available in both 1000m spools which are perfect for filling up to 3 reels & 300m spools for filling single reels. Available on 1000m & 300m spools -12lb (0.31mm) -15lb (0.33mm) -18lb (0.37mm) Keep your eyes on our social media platforms over the next few weeks for more information!

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